Link Exchange System

This link exchange system allows you to simply add / edit and remove links from a links page on your website.

You have probably heard all the hype about inbound links and the benefits it can have on your search engine rankings. Plus the benefits of additional click throughs. If you would like to be able to participate in link exchange programs and easily add and remove links yourself this might be the solution for you. The link Exchange system enables you to add and remove links quickly and easily. You have complete control over the content displayed on your links page.

Having links from other websites, particularly high quality, high traffic, appropriate content websites has a number of benefits for your own website> However, it is important to only link and gain links from quality related websites and not just try and get links from any website that will provide one.

Benefits of the Link Exchange System

Improve your Link Popularity by gaining links
Increase click through traffic from links
Potentially Enhanced Visibility in search engine results
Same day setup for sites hosted with spIT

Link Popularity

Inbound links can help attain a high search engine ranking. However, simply having links from any website that will link to you is not the approach that should be taken. Indeed this can be counter-productive in some instances. The plan of attack should be one of securing the highest quality links to your site rather than an abundance of unproductive links from sites that have little or no relevance with yours. It is about quality over quanity.

Links to your website should be of a similar theme. For example a hotel website should look for links from other accommodation providers first, then broaden this to other travel related sites.

Essentially, link quality is vital. If you cannot find a prospective link exchange partners website in the search engine the chances are very few others will either, so the benefits will be minimal. If the website has limited, poor or unrelated information having a link from them is not much help either. Also steer clear of sites that have a vast number of links on them.

Increased & Targeted Traffic

If you manage to secure links on websites with high traffic and similar content it stands to reason that some visitors will also find their way to the links page and 'click through' to your website. This produces increased targeted traffic for your website. Roughly 60% of visitors to websites found their way from a hyperlink somewhere on the Internet.

Enhanced Visibility

By securing the long term benefits of Link Popularity such as increased traffic levels and enhanced click through rates due to superior search engine positioning your website increases in visibility. Increased visibility leads to more links and again more traffic.

Cost-Effective Promotion

Setting up a links page is very cost effective and rewarding compared to many other forms of online promotion.

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