The amount of trade carried out electronically has grown exponentially with the growth in widespread Internet usage both in the traditional sense of computers and laptops but more and more so because of the increase in mobile internet access and peoples increased level of comfort of interacting online.

E-commerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect of online business such as a shopping cart system that allows for the rapid exchange of goods and services worldwide. However E-Commerce also includes the many other elements that make up the 'way we do business online'.

spIT develops carefully designed and implemented e-commerce systems matched with powerful marketing strategies masterminded by highly educated and experienced professionals. Our E-Commerce solutions are true end-to-end solutions developed by industry experts.

spIT offers many e-commerce systems including: fully customisable Shopping Carts with a wide range of services, Customised Data Collection and Reporting systems, Email Marketing Systems such as Newsletter and automated email notifications and reminders that be triggered by a variety of scenarios either on scheduled dates or a period of time since a particular online activity.

spIT will help your business facilitate the development of new time saving processes and additional online services which can not only increase productivity but also generate real cost reductions and assist businesses to develop new markets.

With our tailored e-commerce products and expert guidance spIT can help you to achieve massive results for your business. Whether small or large, our e-commerce solutions can be tailored to suit your business requirements.

Our e- commerce products have a well designed administration area that makes it simple to manage and be effective. spIT sees e-commerce as essential to businesses who aim at providing a complete service to their customers. Our e-commerce solutions are a mixture of modern design, tools and software, with expert guidance.

E-Commerce Benefits

Reduced costs
Increased efficiency
Improved relationships with trading partners
Customer Retention
Staff efficiencies
Time savings
Enhanced Profile
Establishment of New Markets

What our clients are saying

"SpIT consistently delivered a top-class result in all areas at a very competitive price, and quickly!"

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