Domain Names

Domain names are unique way to identify your organisation on the Internet.

An Example domain name is “spit.com.au”. The "spit" component of the domain name refers to the organisation itself. The "www" part is the host name of the server that handles Internet requests and the “com.au” part is a guide to the location of the domain. In this case it is Australia.

How do I register a Domain Name?

Millions of domain names have already been registered, but there are plenty more available. The first thing to decide is which domain type to buy.

General, a “com.au” or “com” are the preferred choice for Australian businesses and are the best options for the majority of applications. When you have decided on a Domain Name contact spIT and we will take care of the registration process on your behalf.

Types of Domain Name and the Intended Purposes


This is generally the Internet address of choice for Australian businesses. Most Australian based websites are a .com.au.


This is generally chosen by 'tech' companies but in recent years has grown to become an alternative if your com.au is already taken.


This is reserved to verified non-profit entities such as charities.


This is basically for individuals. Applications are endless and ideal for private websites such as for your personal resume.


These are available for organisations that qualify as being an association. Incorporated associations, political parties, industry bodies and sporting groups are examples.


Internationally, the most popular domain space for commercial entities. However, it is now very hard to find your first choice.


These are popular among technical organisations, or the technical area of a commercial entity.


The .org space is designated (but not reserved) for non-profit and charitable organisations.


This domain space was created to offer business an international alternative to the .com that is now very crowded.


This domain space is for people who want a personal domain name in the format www.joe.bloggs.name

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