Mobile Friendly Websites

More than 50% of all website traffic is conducted on mobile devices. In fact, our own data shows that more than 65% of all website views on the sites that spIT manage are on mobile devices! Therefore, having a professional built mobile friendly, responsive website is critical to your online success.

spIT Web Design ensure that your entire website is fully optimised to be fully mobile friendly, meeting all accessibility requirements and loads super fast in all formats. Look Great on Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets with a professionally built Responsive website.

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive Websites ensure a great user experience regardless of device. No more zooming in to click that link on a phone; or waiting for unnecessary graphics to load. A responsive website automatically displays content in the optimum manner for the users device be it a Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.

How does it work?

Responsive Websites mean your entire website is mobile friendly, this includes your shopping cart, content pages and any special features that have been deployed. Nowadays it is imperative that all pages are mobile friendly and accessible. This is where the Responsive Websites we develop excel. Responsive Websites automatically adapt and respond to the device regardless of how old or new it is.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Why have a Responsive Website?

Each day, it seems like the number of devices, platforms and browsers increase. With the breadth and ever growing number of technologies it is unrealistic to build a new "version" for each and every new device, platform or browser. This is where Responsive websites come in; responsive websites automatically adapt and respond to the device viewing them, automatically altering the layout to the most appropriate. Basically, One Website, Many Devices !!

Responsive websites are cleverly devised by our team so they automatically respond to the resolution of the device being used whether it is a traditional desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and displays in the most userfriendly manner on each.

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages. One such advantage is the reduction of bounce rate (high bounce rate can have a negative effect on ones position in search engine results; keeping "bounce" rate as low as possible is one way to help keep your site ranking well).

By having one site, (rather than the old way of having a "mobile version" and "desktop version" or just a "desktop version") that caters seamlessly for all technologies, not only are the chances that your bounce rate will reduce (the lower the better) as visitors will be satisfied with the site layout and page load times on their specific device but the risk of duplicate content issues are removed whilst customer satisfaction is also increased, resulting in a greater number of conversions and greater profits.

Why update your website?

Mobile internet usage across the world is rapidly taking over from browsing on desktops and laptops, nowadays it is critically important to have a responsive website. Like mobiles are replacing landlines, mobile devices are quickly replacing PC's and Laptops !!

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Spit brought us out of the 20th Century into the 22nd Century in one hit. We cannot speak highly enough of Mike, Claire and their team. We were advised from within “the industry” that it is “impossible” to break free from the ‘industry’ website providers – WRONG! Mike said, “we can do it better” and they did it!. We could not be happier with the results and our ongoing relationship with Spit.

Main Beach Property Sales

personAnnette SinclairplaceMain Beach, QLD

I am so very excited to be working with spIT! From day one the teams flexible and fast 'can do attitude' saved me time and money. I had a vision for MaternityBag and you delivered it with a touch of sparkle - I was blown away! Thank you very much Claire and Mike for making my dream a reality and for your support and professional advice along the journey.

Maternity Bag

personChauntel McIntyreplaceGold Coast, QLD

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