Content Management System

One of the most customisable Content Management Systems in the marketplace.

This user friendly, cloud based solution puts you in direct control of your website content. In fact the Content Management System (CMS) seamlessly blends a wide variety of deployable CMS Modules, each one designed for the specific information you will be managing. By incorporating only the custom CMS modules your business requires the admin is super clean and easy to use.

One can quickly add scalable content such as building a beautiful photo gallery, or add things like upcoming Events or Tariffs, edit Staff Profiles, Manage PDF documents and much more. In fact, we have over 200 pre built modules that we can deploy based on your exacting business requirements. Plus, if you ever need something entirely custom we can create it.

This CMS was specifically designed with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. Meta tag information is automatically generated, but you also have the ability to manually enter this information yourself. The URL structure is Search Engine friendly with all URL's having the format of rather than plus all your pages will load super fast.

Ability to edit all of the main content on your website quickly and easily such as adding or deleting paragraphs, changing the order text appears, or adding bullet points. Plus add / remove / change images and photographs to supplement the text or to highlight a particular aspect of the business e.g. a photo of your shop frontage if you have a retail store.

The CMS is developed so that the administrator can alter the actual website content such as text and images but not the main web site design layout (framework). This serves two purposes and is important; one it means that pages are edited on a page by page basis and only the 'content' can be altered so you never have issues with pages displaying incorrectly. And two this control of continuity of design brings with it speed performances not only on the editing side but also on the all-important customer browsing times.

System Features

  • Enhance your text / website with new images
  • Easy to use with Fast Page Load
  • Clean, Search Engine Friendly URL's
  • Auto or Manually add custom Meta Tags
  • Change font and paragraph styling
  • Add bullet points and numbered lists
  • Easily embed YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Update yourself, from anywhere with Internet
  • Reduce Admin Costs by updating in-house
  • Changes instantly live for your visitors

Popular Modules

descriptionManage PDF Documents

Do you wish to display multiple PDF files on your website? Or do you wish to have a private area available only to authorised team members to access operation manuals and other private documents? Perhaps you want some documents available to the general public some to upper management and others to middle management and upper management. All of this and more is possible with this system.

You can enter a brief description, title, select the PDF to upload and the system will automatically generate a link to the PDF file, place in your chosen category and place the desired access rights to it.

This system has proven very popular with firms who wish to make up-to-date information available to their staff. Delete, update and add new documents, reports, memos, operation manuals whatever PDF you like quickly and easily.

This system can be customised to your exacting requirements.

Features of the PDF System

  • Easy to Add PDF documents
  • Asign unique access rights to each PDF
  • Group PDF's by Category / Sub Category
  • Add Title / Description for identification
  • Easily alter PDF access permissions

business_centerManage Sponsors

Do you have a number of sponsors that you would like to feature on your website? If so the Sponsors system is for you. You can easily upload a logo, information etc and administer it yourself.

Using this system gives your sponsor extra exposure and it is a great way to thank them for supporting you.

This gives something back to your sponsors and increases traffic through your site. It can potentially gain new sponsors for you that want to be advertised on your site.

Benefits of the Sponsors System

  • Showcase your portfolio of sponsors
  • Attract new potential sponsors
  • Add value for your sponsors
  • Easy to update quickly

peopleManage Staff Profiles

Help Build Confidence with Customers

The Staff Profile System enables you to build a beautiful Meet the Team page showcasing your staff members. You can list staff members by their position in the company, add staff names, job titles, roles, abilities, qualifications, contact details, long or short bio and upload a photograph.

In addition, one can add phone numbers, email addresses, work address, socials etc. We customise the layout to your exact requirements. You can easily edit the info whenever you need and it is upto you what data you would like to be added to the page for each staff member.

Customers like to put a name to a face and find out what capabilities, experience a team has, this system enables you to really make a connection with the customer, and you decide whether it shows a serious, professional or fun side to your business.

Staff Profile Features

  • Customer Confidence
  • New Customers
  • Informative
  • Increase Business
  • Happier Work Enviroment

eventManage Events

Create a Community and Keep your Site Current.

Use our Events System to display special events or have a, what's on section. Data includes start date, end date, times, cost, description, further information details, link to website, contact person, details, and an image / logo.

This is a great system to promote your business events or to feature local area events as a community service. This system is easy to update and make changes to. You are able to promote a special sales event or discount, this system can used for many different forms of marketing.

Benefits of the Events System

  • Easy to Update
  • 24hour A Day Update
  • Increase Business
  • Informative
  • New Customers
  • Useful

local_atmManage Rates

Make Purchasing Online Easier

Would you like to have an easy to update page that outlines all of your rates. This system is ideal for accommodation, car rental and any business that need to regularly update rates.

This makes the job of updating the rates easier especially when there is a special event or school holidays. This is a perfect entry level solution to keeping your rates upto date if you are not ready to take advantage of one of our booking systems.

Benefits of the Rates System

  • Low cost way of being able to easily update rates yourself
  • Stepping Stone towards a full booking system

photo_cameraPhoto Gallery

Easily add photos to your gallery, group them by your chosen criteria and have them automatically resized when uploaded into the various sizes you require.

This system automatically optimises images on upload for quick download and viewing. It also communicates with our CMS systems so that you can select images from the gallery for display in page content.

Generate your very own online photo gallery with our Photo Gallery System. This system dynamically resizes photographs into the predefined sizes that you supply to use when we set the system up. It can create several sizes if you require. For example you might want both large and small formats so that the smaller image links through to the large version.

Easily change, add and delete photos in your gallery safe in the knowledge that they will automatically resize to the same consistent size.

Photos can be grouped together so that similar images all display together or can be grouped based on date order or other criteria. Plus as your gallery grows, new pages are automatically added to accomodate for the growing data.

Photo Gallery Features

  • Easily add / remove photos to gallery
  • Group similar images into collections
  • Add as many photos as you like
  • Photos auto optimised for all devices
  • Hosted on global CDN for fast download

rate_reviewTestimonials System

Testimonials are a powerful way of closing sales or bookings. With this Testimonials System you can easily add, remove or edit Testimonials and display them on your website in one, several and even specific categorised areas of your website.

This system enables your customers to submit their testimonials directly from your website and ensures only those you want are featured on your website. These testimonials give new potential customers the reassurance they are looking for.

The Testimonial System is protected by industry leading anti-spam technologies and notifies you of all new user submitted testimonials placing them in a pending state for you to approve, deny or delete. Only the testimonials you want customers to see will be seen.

Testimonials can optionally include an image; be it a logo of the firm who is giving you a testimonial or a photograph.

Social proof including positive client feedback can be very reassuring to potential customers. If you have had positive feedback from your customers, it is a good idea to let others know. This Testimonial Management System makes it very easy to harness the power of positive feedback and its effects on generating new business.

Testimonials can display exclusively on a Testimonials specific page or additionally placed within specific areas on your site such as a rotating within the footer; even categorise them so that a page about widgets can display testimonials relating to widgets and a page about other services will display the testimonials about that product or service. You can set up an unlimited number of categories and even display testimonials randomly.

Benefits of the Testimonials System

  • Reassure your potential customers
  • Great marketing tool to let people know when you have done a good job

Testimonials System Features

  • Encourage Customer Feedback
  • Review Before Making Visible
  • Flexible Display Options
  • Anti-spam Technology
  • Categorise Feedback
  • Include an Image or Logo
  • Testimonials can be made from your website
  • Testimonials can be added via Admin
  • Easily Review then Deny or Accept Testimonials
  • Send a link to your clients to add Testimonial
  • Featured Testimonials can be Animated

businessClient Porfolio

Showcase the businesses that trust your business. You can easily upload a logo, information etc and administer it yourself.

Reassure potential customers that your product or service is to be trusted by showcasing which other brands are yuor clients.

Client Portfolio Features

  • Customisable Display
  • Easy to administer

question_answerFAQs System

A really easy way to add and manage FAQs on your website

Save yourself admin time by listing your most frequently asked questions on your website. This system enables you to easily add in a questions and answers and automatically formats the page to show / hide answers as per your preference. The layout of the FAQ page allows for grouping of questions with specific categories / groups as per your preference. This makes it very easy for customers to locate the answers they are looking for and save you time by not needing to reply to the same questions time and time again.

FAQs System Features

  • Easily Group FAQs
  • Very Easy to Administer
  • Flexible Display Options

movieVideos System

An awesome system that lets you easily embed YouTube / Vimeo Videos whilst automatically adding in clickable thumbnails and professionally presented pages with the ability to easily group and add video descriptions. Your website instantly benefits by becoming more sticky as visitors can easily locate chosen videos without leaving your site.

Video System Features

  • Easily Embed Videos
  • Auto generated Navigation
  • Auto scales to device


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