Basic Booking System

The Basic Booking System is an Entry Level Booking Form which is very easy to use. Customers have the option of entering credit card details to make a confirmed booking request. You will receive an email notification inform you of the booking request, if you have availability for their chosen dates you can, depending on your booking policies, chose to either process a deposit or the full payment and inform the customer that their booking is secure.

If there is no availability for their chosen dates you can contact the customer and provide alternative dates and options. If the new dates are accepted, process the payment. If not simply delete the Credit Card details.

This is a great stepping stone towards a full live inventory booking system (which we also offer). It is a solution ideal for smaller businesses such as bed and breakfasts, family hotels, motels and small car hire businesses.

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Benefits of the Basic Booking System

Increase Conversion Percentages
Streamline your booking process by already having the customers card details
Stepping Stone to Full Booking System
Low setup cost with no ongoing fees

What our clients are saying

"SpIT consistently delivered a top-class result in all areas at a very competitive price, and quickly!"

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