How much will my website cost?

When deciding on a web designer it is important to be clear about the real cost.

spIT are all about being upfront with pricing. We are confident that our prices are great value for money and assure you that there are no surprises when you receive the invoice. Below we explain those most common questions we are asked about price.

What are the ongoing costs?

Typically there are only two ongoing costs. These are hosting and domain names. We charge $295 per year for hosting, $55 per 2 years for .com and $65 for 2 years domain names. If you need to use our shared secure certificate for processing credit cards that is an additional $100 per year.

What about additional artwork?

Artwork costs depend on time taken. Typically, as a guide, web banners cost around $35 for example. If photos have to be airbrushed substantially that adds time. If stock images are used there is a charge of roughly $10 each; depending on the resolution requirements and the charge by the stock firm (i.e. is it for web or print).

Often very small infrequent changes like updating a phone number, address, that sort of thing are free; and are based on fair play.  We generally use a time tracker tool for all work and charges are based on time.

So as a rule small web changes of between 5 – 10 mins are $15. Jobs taking between 11 – 20 minutes are $25. Jobs of 21 mins up to half an hour are $35 and jobs taking up to 1 hour are charged $65.

TIP: Often it is most cost effective to bundle your requests into one job.

Can I get a quote?

We typically do not quote on small jobs expected to take less than 2 hours. However, quotes for any job can be provided before work commences if you prefer.

If the job is a substantial programming job or other hard to quote on project we will provide an estimated quote with a fixed maximum cost. This means we expect to complete for the quoted price, but it will definitely not exceed the fixed maximum cost even if the job runs over expected time (unless the customer has requested extra features). This is only required on jobs where there are unknown factors or where substantial customisation is required. For all other quotes where we do not provide a fixed maximum we will adhere to a fixed quote.

What is the typical cost of building a new website?

This is a question we get asked all the time. And of course depends on what you as the customer would like. Professionally built 5-15 page websites with a contact form, location map, profile, home, testimonials and a number of other pages typically cost in the vicinity of $2,995. These sites are professionally designed, mobile responsive, self-editable and include social media integration, Google analytics, standard SEO and 12 months hosting and put through a series of site audits to ensure they meet with Google's expections and are optimised for speed. These are great websites!!

What is the typical cost of building a new website complete with shopping cart?

Again this is a common question we get asked and is dependent on many factors. Typically the starting price for a professional e-commerce website is $4995. This increases based on the features you require and any customisations we make for you. The average price is $7500 and we are happy to quote first, based on your exacting requirements. Again all of our E-Commerce websites are professionally designed, mobile responsive, self-editable and include social media integration, plus Google analytics, standard SEO, 12 months hosting and custom configured high end shopping Cart. Plus you have access to our newsletter system and other additional features.

What if I want to customise a system to my exacting requirements, can you do that?

We are a group of professional developers. All of the systems we deploy are built in house and our programmers can customise to your exact requirements. Of course additional customisation and coding is more expensive and is charged at $135 per hour and $75 per half hour. Our programmers are very good and quick so well worth the investment.

What are your payment terms for website design?

Where a quote is provided for a job that exceeds $1000 we ask for a 50% deposit to commence work. In such cases balance is due on completion of the work. For smaller jobs up to the value of $1000 we generally complete the work and invoice on completion with payment expected within seven calendar days.


Spit brought us out of the 20th Century into the 22nd Century in one hit. We cannot speak highly enough of Mike, Claire and their team. We were advised from within “the industry” that it is “impossible” to break free from the ‘industry’ website providers – WRONG! Mike said, “we can do it better” and they did it!. We could not be happier with the results and our ongoing relationship with Spit.

Main Beach Property Sales

personAnnette SinclairplaceMain Beach, QLD

I am so very excited to be working with spIT! From day one the teams flexible and fast 'can do attitude' saved me time and money. I had a vision for MaternityBag and you delivered it with a touch of sparkle - I was blown away! Thank you very much Claire and Mike for making my dream a reality and for your support and professional advice along the journey.

Maternity Bag

personChauntel McIntyreplaceGold Coast, QLD

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